Finding the Right Orthodontist for You and Your Family

Posted on: September 2nd, 2017 by Dr. Laura Morgan

OrthodontistWhen searching for an orthodontist to treat your family, it is important to find one who offers the right services and who practices locally. Straightening teeth using braces or clear aligners can take an average of two years. During that time frame, regular appointments will need to be kept to ensure that adjustments can be made, teeth can be examined and the process continues as planned. If the orthodontist is not conveniently located or does not offer appointment times that are easy for your family, it may be difficult to keep these appointments. In this way, the chosen provider is going to make a significant impact on the success of the treatment. With that in mind, here are tips for finding orthodontic care that is right for your family.

#1. Find a convenient location

We encourage anyone who is living or working near our office to schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located and find that it is easy for patients to get here for their scheduled appointments. Anyone living outside of Waxahachie will want to consider us as their provider due to our flexible hours and great patient service as seen in our reviews. Morgan Orthodontics currently serves patients in a radius of greater than sixty miles.

#2. Check their hours

Since regular appointments will be necessary throughout the treatment plan, it is important to visit a practice that is open during the hours that are most convenient for a particular family. We understand that some patients need to come in early in the morning or later in the afternoon and structure our calendar to allow for this.

#3. Evaluate their services

Many dentists will advertise that they straighten teeth and some do. However, their service offerings will be incredibly limited and typically only involve clear aligners, if anything. This makes it wise to review their services. In choosing our office you are treated by an orthodontist, a dentist with at least 2 years of advanced training which allows us to offer a variety of treatment options.

Since each patient is unique, this allows for treatments to include what is going to work best in a particular situation, rather than being stuck with a single solution because that is all the office offers.

#4. See if they take insurance

Our office accepts most insurance plans, and we gladly check on your insurance benefits at our FREE initial consultation. IF your insurance does not cover orthodontics our flexible payment options allows for ease in receiving treatment in our office.

#5. Evaluate their experience level

Experience matters when choosing an orthodontist. The more experience an orthodontist has with straightening teeth or addressing difficult problems, the more likely that the treatment will go smoothly. Dr. Morgan has served Ellis County since 1998—nearing 20 years in practice.

#6. Ask what ages they treat

It is best to find a provider who works with patients of all ages since this makes it possible for everyone in the family to visit a single orthodontist for all of their teeth straightening needs. Morgan Orthodontics treats all ages from children to adults!

Visit our office for help

Our office is conveniently located, we have a variety of solutions for straightening patients’ teeth, accept insurance and work with patients of varying ages. To see how we can improve your smile, schedule an appointment for an examination.

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