Orthodontics for the Young Professional

Posted on: September 16th, 2017 by Dr. Laura Morgan

Adult BracesWe provide adult braces in Waxahachie that are incredibly popular with young adult professionals. People typically believe that braces and teeth straightening options are only for teens and younger children. However, adults are finding that there are multiple methods to straighten their teeth ranging from traditional metal braces, clear braces, to Invisalign.

While Invisalign® is a popular option for many people may still choose the traditional braces treatment option. By offering both, we can help patients straighten their teeth at an efficient rate.

Why this is the right time for adult braces in Waxahachie

There are few times in a person’s life where they have the ability to make a fresh start and truly chart their course. The start of a person’s career is one of those times. Young professionals have the exciting benefit of being able to explore the careers that interest them, take advantage of opportunities to truly grow and set the course for the rest of their career. Doing so requires hard work and sometimes a bit of luck. Improving a person’s smile is one thing that we can help to do because a beautiful smile helps to make a good impression.

A beautiful smile can have a positive impact on the way people perceive an individual, making the individual appear more friendly, approachable and confident. These are highly-prized qualities in corporate environments and make having a winning smile something of a priority for those who are actively seeking career advancement.

Benefits of adult braces in Waxahachie

New technologies make it possible for young professionals to straighten their teeth without it being obvious. Now there are ways to straighten teeth that are entirely discreet and this is one of the primary benefits of visiting our office for adult braces. For example, we can use clear aligners (Invisalign®) to straighten teeth. These aligners consist of clear plastic and are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

We can also use ceramic braces where the brackets consist of tooth-colored materials so they blend in with the natural teeth. In both scenarios, patients can straighten teeth without it being obvious so that all anyone will most likely see is a beautiful smile.

What you need to know

Anyone using clear aligners to straighten teeth needs to know that there is the additional benefit of being able to remove the aligners. The patient needs to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. The patient will remove the aligners when eating or brushing teeth. This means that a busy young professional can wear the aligners all day, carry the plastic case and remove them as necessary.

For example, the patient can remove the aligners when making an important presentation at work, attending a client meeting or meeting friends for drinks. With no concern over food becoming stuck between the brackets of braces, the patient can straighten his or her teeth with confidence and make very few changes to their lifestyle.

Schedule an appointment to improve your smile

As an orthodontist, we have multiple ways to straighten teeth, align the jaw and improve our patients’ smiles. To discuss your options, schedule an appointment today.

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