Tips for Making it Easier to Wear Adult Braces

Posted on: July 16th, 2017 by Dr. Laura Morgan

We help adults straighten their teeth and perfect their smile through the use of adult braces. We have multiple options for straightening teeth and can make a recommendation for you when visiting our office. We will conduct an examination and take X-rays before discussing things like lifestyle and budgetary concerns.

We will also provide recommendations for ways to make the process as easy as possible. It can be difficult for adults to make the adjustment to wearing braces. However, the process is far easier than most people anticipate. Implement these tips to make wearing braces easier:

#1. Let us know about your favorite foods

The patient needs to tell us what he or she likes, so that we can make recommendations in regards to the type of braces that will work best. For example, if snacking on nuts is an absolute must, then the patient is better off wearing clear aligners since the patient can remove them when eating. However, if the list of favorite foods does not include anything hard or sticky, it will not make a huge difference whether the patient uses traditional braces or clear aligners.

#2. Use a planner or calendar app on your phone

As a provider of adult braces, we know that our adult patients want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. This is typically one of the very first things that we discuss during an initial consultation. Patients regularly ask this question during follow-up appointments if their treatment is on schedule. We do everything we can to straighten teeth as quickly and safely as possible. However, the patient must be careful during the process.

As the patient, it is critical to keep all scheduled appointments. Missing even one can cause a delay in the treatment process. Using a phone app that can provide calendar reminders the day before and an hour before can help to keep busy people on track. Otherwise, if making appointments is going to be challenging, wearing clear aligners may be a better option than metal or ceramic braces. Patients can switch out the aligners at home that require fewer in-office appointments.

#3. Brush and floss often

A common side effect of adult braces or any braces is stained teeth. Those who drink a lot of coffee or eat a lot of marinara sauce may find that their teeth are yellow around where the brackets were at the end of the treatment. To avoid this, it is important to brush teeth after every meal and to floss at least daily.

If this is impossible to do after a work lunch, for example, at least rinse the mouth with water and try to remove any loose particles that could be remaining on the teeth. Also, making wise dietary choices and avoiding things with food coloring can help to prevent staining.

Learn more

To learn more about adult braces, the type of braces that would work best for you and what the treatment process entails, call our office and schedule an appointment.

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